AD-4971 金屬檢出機

  • 整台IP65防水防塵,便於清洗。
  • 簡易操作功能設定,高感應檢測能力。
  • 彩色觸控式LCD顯示幕。
  • 可儲存10類品項,每一類可儲存100組商品,總共1000組產品。
  • 產品圖片,檢測數據可快速上傳至USB記憶卡中。
Conveyor belt width 250mm
Conveyor length 800mm
Transport medium Urethane belt
Conveyor belt speed 10~60m/min
Display 7inch touch panel color display
Operation method Touch panel (WVGA), Key switch
Number of recorded items 1000
Communication functions Modbus TCP / Modbus RTU / TCP/IP(PostScript printer) /
USB (for USB memory, data storage, image import use)
External input Non-voltage contact input 4 points
External output Relay output 8 points
Dust/water resistance specifications IP65 compliant
Operation temperature/humidity range 0~40℃/Humidity below 85%(with no condensation)
Power supply Single phase AC100V~240V(+10%,-15%),50/60Hz,100VA
Material Sensor head: Stainless Steel
Display: ABS resin
Conveyor unit: Phenolic resin, stainless steel, aluminum (alumite treatment)
Control box: ABS resin
Base unit: Stainless steel
Operating precautions
1. Decide where in the production process to install the metal detector by assessing the risk of metal contamination.
● For raw materials with a lot of metal contaminants, install a metal detector before processing begins.
● For products packed in aluminum foil packages, install a metal detector before the packaging process.
● For frozen products, install a metal detector after freezing. (make sure the product is frozen to the core and is below-18 degrees celcius.)
2. Production flow of horizontally long or oblique orientation is preferable.
3. Keep inspected products as small as possible.
4. Keep product temperature constant.
5. Installing the metal detector in an area with little vibration is advised.
6. Dedicated 100-240V wiring with low noise is advised.
7. Make sure to ground the metal detector.
8. Remove vibrating or shifting metals near the sensor head.
9. Make sure that ground loops are not created by nearby equipment.
10. Please prepare a φ4-7mm power cable.